Airport maps – choose your airport

Navigating to and through airports around the world isn’t always that easy. At Airportmaps you find both terminal maps and surrounding information of your airport of choice.

See the airport map – terminals and services

All major airports around the world operate out of a number of terminals, sometimes making it a challenge to get to the right place at the right time – especially if you travel by connecting flights. To give you a hand and facilitate the navigation, here you can find airport maps displaying all parts of the airport.

The maps contain a presentation of the different terminals and how you get there, together with information about for example services, shops, restaurants and lounges. The goal is to make your time at the airport easier and more relaxing. To find all the necessary information you simply choose your airport and get a full view of the layout of the airport and how you find your way around.

Find your way to the airport

At Airportmaps you won’t only find information about the layout of the airport itself. You will also find a map showing the location of the airport. Some airports are located close to the city center, while others require a bit of a journey to get from the airport to the town you are visiting. This is especially common when you travel to a secondary airport, which normally is situated a little further from the city center.

Getting a better view of the location of the airport will also help you find the best way of transportation. Normally there are a number of different options to choose from when it comes to traveling from the airport to the city center of your destination. By planning ahead you can avoid complications and instead get the most out of your trip.

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