LaGuardia Airport map, New York

LaGuardia Airport is the third busiest airport in the New York metropolitan area. Here you can find a map guiding you through the airport – see terminals, gates, transportation and restaurants.

LaGuardia Airport, United States map
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The New York metropolitan area is supported by several large airports. Third largest is LaGuardia Airport, which is located about 13 kilometers from Manhattan. The airport almost exclusively handles domestic flights and is an important hub for both Delta Air Lines and American Airlines.

Terminal map of LaGuardia – find your gate

LaGuardia Airport currently has three active passenger terminals – Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C – with a total of 72 gates. You can see the location of both the terminals and the gates in our map at the top of the page.

  • Terminal A: On the westside of LaGuardia Airport is Terminal A. Here you find flights with Spirit and Frontier Airlines.

  • Terminal B: Terminal B is home to several different airlines, and this is also a large hub for American Airlines.

  • Terminal C: Being the newest of the three, Terminal 3 opened during the summer of 2022 and serves Delta Air Lines.

Getting to New York City from LaGuardia

The best option when it comes to public transportation from LaGuardia to the central parts of New York is to choose the Link Q70 bus. The bus is free of charge and takes you to the subway in Jackson Heights, Queens. There are also buses that take you straight to Manhattan.

If you prefer to rent a car there are great possibilities at LaGuardia Airport. Several of the major rental car agencies are represented in the area, either located right at the airport or nearby. Some of the car rentals that can be found close to or at LaGuardia Airport are Avis, Hertz and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Food at the airport

When it comes to eating at LaGuardia Airport, there are lots of restaurants and cafés to choose from in both Terminal B and Terminal C. You can find everything from lighter meals and drinks to full-on restaurant experiences, depending on what you are looking for.

La Guardia airport airlines

Terminal: A
Spirit logo
708 flights next month
15 destinations
Frontier Airlines logo
Frontier Airlines
248 flights next month
9 destinations
Terminal: B
American Airlines logo
American Airlines
3546 flights next month
56 destinations
JetBlue logo
857 flights next month
13 destinations
Southwest logo
870 flights next month
10 destinations
United logo
754 flights next month
4 destinations
Air Canada logo
Air Canada
538 flights next month
2 destinations
Terminal: C
Delta logo
7284 flights next month
76 destinations

LaGuardia Airport location

Find out the location of LaGuardia Airport.

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Satellite view of LaGuardia
Satellite view of LaGuardia. Click to enlarge.
LaGuardia destination map
LaGuardia destination map (April 2024). Click to enlarge.
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